Rick Jones

Honored to Serve Our Community for Nearly 40 Years!

Fremont is Our Home


I am proud to be running for a second term on the Fremont City Council. With the new District Elections starting in November, I’ll be running to represent District 2.

Fremont has been my home for nearly 40 years and my wife is a lifelong resident. Our children are fourth generation Fremont residents and a product of our excellent public schools. These last three plus years have been very fulfilling, allowing me the opportunity to meet many of our residents in a variety of settings.


Fremont Is Evolving

Fremont faces a lot of challenges in the years ahead, and I look forward to continuing to serve our community and its residents. My focus will be on Public Safety, traffic issues, closer collaboration with our school district, affordable housing, and addressing issues regarding our homeless population.

Over the last several years, we have worked to address the traffic issues that affect so many of our residents. Much of our traffic is due to the large number of employees in Silicon Valley commuting to their homes in the Tri-Valley area. Coupled with Waze and other traffic apps, large numbers of commuters have been using our streets as shortcuts and causing backups in our neighborhoods. We have made numerous changes, including new stop signs and turn restrictions; and have been working with Waze to keep commuters on the freeways. In addition, we’re working with Cal Trans on funding a grade separation for Mission Blvd (State Highway 262) between I880 and I680, creating separate express lanes for commuters.




Collaborating with our Schools

We are working closely with our school district to address issues of traffic with the Safe Routes to Schools Program; as well as defining potential new school sites. In addition to the new Lila Bringhurstelementary school being built in the Warm Springs Innovation District, we were successful in transferring a piece of City property behind Washington High School to the school district to be used for a future elementary school. We are also helping FUSD to address the potential use of the district-owned “horse property” at Fremont Blvd. and Decoto Rd.

Looking to the Future

Fremont is in desperate need of more affordable housing. We have a growing senior population that is looking to downsize and there are not enough housing opportunities available. We approved a 500 unit senior development in Warm Springs with approximately 100 units designated for low income, but the need continues to grow. This development also includes a new Senior Center to supplement the existing facility at Lake Elizabeth. In addition, we need to provide for our younger generation as they leave home seeking a place of their own; as well as developing workforce housing, particularly for teachers and Public Safety. Ideally, new housing would be located near BART or ACE to encourage the use of public transportation. We are working to make Fremont more pedestrian and bicycle friendly in an effort to reduce vehicle traffic.

Our Police Department is currently 21 officers below full staffing and will be conducting more intense recruiting drives. They continue to do an amazing job of addressing issues in our city, but current staffing levels mean that they are spread thin. As a retired Police Officer, I know the importance of fostering meaningful relationships with our community, especially our young people. I was the School Resource Officer at Washington High School for nine years and developed many friendships that continue today. Our Fire Department is fully staffed, but our needs continue to grow. Both departments have hosted or participated in a number of community events; dedicated to building relationships with our residents. I am committed to addressing the needs of Public Safety and keeping our community safe.

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